Will Repairing a Cracked Windshield make the Glass More Likely to Spread?

If repairing the auto glass is done correctly, fixing a cracked windshield that has a small chip or crack, will not make it crack any further. For sure, it will stop the cracking process.M2_crack_animation2Windshield-repair_1221772666

To do this, a professional will take a small tool, after cleaning the windshield, and drill down into the layers of the laminated glass (windshields are made of laminated material). When the tool reaches a depth of good glass, the technician removes it and injects some resin which dries and then clean the windshield. It has been restored to good condition, cleared up about 80% – 90%. If the windshield is physically cracked and the crack is growing more than 24 inches, it must be replaced.



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