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Will Repairing a Cracked Windshield make the Glass More Likely to Spread?

If repairing the auto glass is done correctly, fixing a cracked windshield that has a small chip or crack, will not make it crack any further. For sure, it will stop the cracking process.M2_crack_animation2Windshield-repair_1221772666

To do this, a professional will take a small tool, after cleaning the windshield, and drill down into the layers of the laminated glass (windshields are made of laminated material). When the tool reaches a depth of good glass, the technician removes it and injects some resin which dries and then clean the windshield. It has been restored to good condition, cleared up about 80% – 90%. If the windshield is physically cracked and the crack is growing more than 24 inches, it must be replaced.


The most important safety functions your vehicle auto glass performs

Most of us would conclude that our auto windshield was a very useful piece of equipment. It keeps cold and heat; wind and rain; and untold numbers of bugs and other airborne road debris out of our faces.

The problem is that consumers have different and more limited expectations from the windshield than the automotive engineer. In other words, we worry about water leaks or ugly “dings” and windshield cracks affecting our car’s value, while the engineer understands how such damage can affect the vehicle’s structural integrity and passenger safety.

The fact is that the modern vehicle, windshield is part of the vehicle’s safety restraint system (SRS) that also includes air bags and seat belts. If any of these safety components are damaged, or are inoperable for any reason, the effectiveness of the entire SRS could be compromised. The SRS is designed to keep vehicle occupants within the relative safety of the passenger compartment during accidents, head-on collisions and roll-overs.Auto-Glass-BMWIM000090.JPG

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports over 40,000 Americans are killed and over 5 million injured every year in highway crashes. Over 30 percent of the fatalities occur when vehicle occupants are either ejected from the vehicle, or, injured during rollovers. Car windshields are intended to keep occupants inside the vehicle. The vehicles windshield also supports the roof thereby preserving the structural integrity of the passenger compartment and keeping it from collapsing and crushing driver and passengers.

Seen from this perspective of personal safety, consumers have a vested interest in making sure any damaged windshield they replace is replaced properly and safely. For these reasons every vehicle owner should be aware of the most important safety functions performed by their windshield. The most obvious windshield function is, of course, visibility. Unlike drivers of old, we do not wear goggles that keep bugs out of our eyes or highway debris from hitting our face.

Even so, the modern car windshields can become pitted and scratched from minute dirt and sand particles. Pebbles and stones can fracture the auto glass causing dings that, if left unattended, can affect vision. The second windshields function is not as obvious. In many cars and trucks, the windshield supports the passenger side airbag during deployment. If a windshield is replaced improperly, the windshield could become detached from the vehicle in an accident. If this happens the passenger side airbag will not deploy properly. Thirdly, windshields cushion the blow if a vehicle occupant is thrown forward in a crash.

Windshields are made of two layers of glass sandwiched around a layer of polyvinyl material. The glass may break but the polyvinyl layer is flexible and cushions the impact. This feature explains why windshields are made of glass not plastic. Plastic is rigid and unforgiving to a person.

The Risks of Auto Glass Damage, Driving Car with a Cracked Windshield

Many drivers are familiar with the frustration of a cracked windshield. Although car windshield damage can result from a variety of causes, by far the most common is flying rocks or other debris cast off from the loads of commercial trucks. A 2001 law stipulates that new trucks be made with load covers, however this law does not cover older model trucks, many of which are still in active service.  crackedglass

Although driving with a damaged windshield is a ticket able offense in many states, most drivers regard a cracked car windshield as a minor annoyance, and many feel a sense of ambivalence towards repair.

While a damaged vehicle windshield seems, at first glance, to be merely a cosmetic concern which does not warrant immediate attention, safety experts and police officers agree that there are larger, more severe implications of a faulty windshield than drivers typically realize.

Windshields play an integral role in a car’s support structure. While during the course of normal driving an imbalance or imperfection in this structure might not be apparent, it can become deadly during a crash or collision.

In most cars, the auto glass is designed to transfer the impact of a front-end collision down through the front of the vehicle into the chassis, helping to minimize the impact’s effect within the interior, protecting passengers. A cracked windshield glass can shatter under the pressure of a collision, allowing the impact of the collision to move horizontally through the vehicle, significantly increasing the danger to passengers.

The windshield also provides vertical support, preventing the car’s roof from crushing. During a rollover accident, a cracked or chipped windshields can allow the roof to cave in, causing potentially serious injury. Statistics overwhelmingly indicate the danger and increased risk to passengers in a rollover accident during which the roof crushes.

While seat belts are the primary means for protecting passengers from ejection during a collision, the windshield also plays an important role. For unbelted passengers, or in situations where the seatbelt is faulty, broken, or severed in the course of the accident, the windshield can provide a final measure of protection ensuring that the passengers remain within the interior of the car. Even a minor chip in the car windshield can cause the window to shatter on impact, allowing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle.

In addition to distributing the impact of a crash, the auto glass provides support to the airbags, particularly those on the passenger side. When the airbag deploys during an accident, it expands outward and compresses against the windshield before pillowing out to support the passenger.

A faulty car windshield cannot properly absorb the force of the inflating airbag, and can shatter, diminishing or negating the effectiveness of the airbag.

Given the dangers which can result from a damaged windshield, it is important that chipped or cracked windshield be repaired by a qualified technician as soon as possible. Most insurance policies will cover the cost of windshield replacement, with an out-of-pocket cost that is typically quite affordable. auto glass replacement or repair takes less than an hour, and can be completed on site, rather than in a repair shop.

Repairing vs. Replacing a Car Windshield Advice

Car Windshields often can be repaired rather than replaced, but specific criteria must be met. No deductible applies for windshield glass repairs by a Houston windshield repair shop in insurance companies’s network, provided you have comprehensive coverage and your glass claim is covered.

Can your windshield be repaired?

If you answer “yes” to the questions below, your windshield might be a good candidate for repair.

Is the windshield damage less than 24 inches?
Does the damage appear similar to one of the examples below?

edge_crackchip repair

So if you get a chip or a cracked windshield, don’t ignore it.
It won’t go away, and if you act quickly you can often have it repaired before the windshield crack spreads. If you don’t do anything about the crack or chip, you may need an entirely new auto glass. Replacement becomes your only option once a crack or chip grows larger than 24 inches.

This is because a car windshield is a sandwich made up of two layers of glass with a vinyl layer between them. If moisture gets into the vehicle windshield through the crack, it can damage the vinyl, weaken the windshield, and compromise its safety.

If you’re still not sure whether to repair or replace your windshield, ask your Houston windshield repair shop. Where your vehicle is concerned, it’s better to err on the side of safety.

Windshield Repair Houston, Taking You From Cracked Windshield To Clarity

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